DON REPO grinding & polishing pastes

With our special premium grinding and polishing pastes, you can effortlessly remove deep scratches, streaks, defects and sanding marks of up to 1,200 grit, as well as eliminate holograms. Our high-quality products are ideal for preparing heavily weathered paint surfaces and creating a perfect mirror shine. Our grinding and polishing pastes are free of silicones, fillers and waxes, which makes application and post-processing easier.

DON REPO 250 g polish

Just try it out! Small container of our best polish for working on painted surfaces:

DON REPO MIX packages polishing agents

Save with our MIX packages! Our best MIX packages, premium polishes for working on painted surfaces:

  • ESPECIALLY for painted surfaces!

    DON REPO grinding pastes and polishing pastes are specially developed for painted surfaces and are suitable for all types of paint and paint colors.

  • Our products are:

    FREE from fillers

    FREE from silicones

    FREE from waxes

  • Fast and secure shipping:

    We ship with DHL, standard or, if you wish, with DHL PREMIUM. Safe and fast shipping with a tracking code so that you receive your order as quickly as possible and always know where it is.

  • Special recipe:

    Our special formula and high-quality ingredients enable every user to achieve the best results and get the job done quickly and effectively. This saves time and money.

  • Optimized and secure supply chains:


    Our supply chains are optimized and designed so that there are hardly any bottlenecks or delivery difficulties!

  • Remove sanding marks & defects:

    You can even remove coarse sanding marks of up to 1200 grit and defects with our sanding pastes.

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  • Cars & Co.

    Our grinding and polishing pastes are ideal for these painted surfaces. Occasional users, reconditioners, detailers and professional users? With our products, everyone can achieve their goals and have an advantage over their competitors.

  • Antique car

    Our products are particularly impressive here! Regardless of whether your classic car has the "old" original paint or a new paint, the application and performance of our grinding pastes is always impressive.

  • Marine, Boats & Co.

    Even or especially here, in this exclusive area, there are countless areas of application for our products. Whether it is a boat, ship, yacht or interior or exterior, DON REPO products are often used. Our products are used profitably and successfully, especially where maximum performance and appearance are required.

  • Motorcycle, quad & co.

    Whether it's a motorcycle, quad, trike or special model, there's always a suitable application here. Small, large or special, almost any painted surface can be treated successfully.

  • Industrial applications

    Perfect surfaces are required here. In the industrial sector there is hardly any room for error, and our products are used here successfully and reliably.

  • Special & special applications

    Acoustics, pianos, sound resonance bodies or other fine surfaces, there are a wide variety of applications for our products. To create a perfect surface or to remove defects, lacquer surfaces are as versatile as our areas of application.