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DON REPO MIX: 1xS1, 1xS2, 1xS3 - 3x1Kg for perfect paint preparation

DON REPO MIX: 1xS1, 1xS2, 1xS3 - 3x1Kg for perfect paint preparation

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Discover the DON REPO MIX - the complete package for all paint preparation tasks. This set consists of 3x1Kg containers of our premium grinding and polishing pastes:

  1. DON REPO S1 - the grinding paste for rough applications
  2. DON REPO S2 - the "One-Step" grinding & polishing paste
  3. DON REPO S3 - the "Finish & Anti-Hologram" polish

With this package you will achieve excellent results in removing scratches, streaks, defects, sanding marks and holograms. Reconditioning weathered paint surfaces such as car paint and all other types of paint becomes child's play. Make the paint shine!

The DON REPO premium sanding and polishing agents have been specially developed to treat painted surfaces effectively and quickly. Regardless of your experience - whether you are a beginner, occasional user or professional detailer - this MIX package covers all the necessary work steps.

For best results, we recommend using the products in the following order:

  1. DON REPO S1 Superior Cut - for removing major defects
  2. DON REPO S2 ONE STEP - to remove remaining defects and prepare for the finish
  3. DON REPO S3 Superior Finish - to remove holograms and achieve a high gloss finish

Our grinding pastes are silicone-free, filler-free and wax-free, which makes them ideal for quick further processing (e.g. painting) without the annoying and time-consuming removal of common silicones, fillers and waxes.

Don't wait any longer and prepare your paint optimally with the DON REPO MIX - Buy now!

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