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DON REPO S2 ONE STEP, 250g, grinding & polishing paste

DON REPO S2 ONE STEP, 250g, grinding & polishing paste

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DON REPO S2 ONE STEP - the All-in-One Grinding & Polishing Paste for fast and impressive results in paint preparation, available in 250g containers.

With a medium Grinding degree from 5/10 and a high Gloss level from 8/10 DON REPO S2 ONE STEP is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to achieve good results quickly without putting in a lot of effort.

Our "ONE STEP" sanding polish S2 is ideal for removing small scratches, fine sanding marks up to a 2,500 grit and for reconditioning weathered paint surfaces. At the same time, it creates a high-gloss surface that makes your vehicle shine like new.

The formulation of the grinding paste is silicone-free, filler-free and wax-free, which enables rapid further processing (e.g. painting) without the need for time-consuming removal of conventional silicones, fillers and waxes.

Choose DON REPO S2 ONE STEP for fast and impressive results in paintwork preparation. Buy now and be convinced!

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