DON REPO MIX: Das perfekte Paket für alle Aufgaben in der Lackpflege

DON REPO MIX: The perfect package for all paint care tasks

Are you looking for a complete solution for the paint care of your vehicle? Then the DON REPO MIX package is just right for you!

In this blog post, we present our comprehensive package, which includes all the products needed to effectively treat painted surfaces – from removing scratches and streaks to the perfect mirror-gloss finish.

DON REPO MIX: For all paint care tasks

The DON REPO MIX package consists of three 1-liter containers specially designed to treat painted surfaces effectively and quickly:

  • 1 x 1 litre DON REPO S1 Superior CUT grinding paste "For rough work"
  • 1 x 1 litre DON REPO S2 ONE STEP grinding & polishing paste
  • 1 x 1 liter DON REPO S3 Superior Finish "Finish & Anti-Hologram" polish

With this comprehensive package, no job is left unfinished. It allows you to remove scratches, streaks, defects, sanding marks and holograms, recondition weathered paint surfaces and make the paint shine again.

Perfect for all users – from beginners to professionals

The premium grinding and polishing agents from DON REPO are suitable for all users - from inexperienced beginners and occasional users to professionals and detailers. This product mix covers all the necessary work steps.

For best results, we recommend using all three products in sequence:

  1. Start with DON REPO S1 Superior CUT to remove major flaws and defects.
  2. Then use DON REPO S2 ONE STEP to remove any remaining imperfections and prepare the paint surface for the finish.
  3. Finally, use DON REPO S3 Superior Finish to remove any holograms that may have formed and to give the paint surface a high-gloss finish.

Silicone-free, without fillers and waxes

As with the individual products, the grinding and polishing agents in the DON REPO MIX package are silicone-free, contain no fillers and are free of waxes. This makes subsequent processing of your vehicle, for example before painting, easier, as no time-consuming removal of silicones, fillers and waxes is required.


The DON REPO MIX package is the ideal solution for those looking for a complete paint care solution. It covers all the necessary work steps

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